Artist talk with Magni Borgehed

Artist talk with Magni Borgehed in the Media Auditorium Tuesday June the 7. at 11 AM 

In his work Magni Borgehed has developed a method of appropriating the repertoire of painterly gestures, reshaping its post-irony, detachment and self-referentiality into material-carried content. 1857 in Oslo writes: ”His dedication to painting is fundamentally an interest in the possibilities of applying and arranging paint on a canvas. 
The works have something generational to them, as if he is the heir and current practitioner in a long bloodline of craftsmen in the service of a radical modesty.” His upcoming exhibition 13 true stories at Last Resort in Copenhagen, comprises a new series of large scale paintings made recently in Australia and Canada.
Magni Borgehed (b. 1982, Växjö) lives and works in Sikås, Sweden. Recent shows include Toves, Copenhagen; 1857, Oslo; DOMA nordica, Sofia; Last Resort, Copenhagen; Loyal Gallery, Stockholm; Lumba Kuda, Penang; MODEL, Vancouver; Contemporary Art Center of Portland; Växjö konsthall, Växjö; Gallery Henningsen, Copenhagen; Galerie Martin Janda, Vienna.