The BFA School

The BFA (Bachelor of Fine Arts) covers a three-year long study programme. Students who have completed their BFA can continue their studies to earn an MFA (Master of Fine Arts) degree.

The BFA programme covers many disciplines. The primary function is to enable and support students as they establish their own art practice. This will involve producing works of art in an ongoing process that encompasses individual exploration and experimentation, studies of art history and culture, and studies of various materials and media.
The BFA emphasize experimentation, study skills and research – while also challenging and expanding the students’ views of processes, working methods and use of materials. Students are introduced to a wide range of practices, media and views of art.

The teaching principles

The teaching focuses on building a vocabulary and conceptual framework that helps students navigate art theory, art history, culture, society and their own art practice. Reflecting on one’s own work – and the work done by others – is a crucial aspect of the BFA.
The BFA department caters to a total between 80 and 90 students at a time. The four regular teachers are all practising artists. The teaching methods include practice based groups as well as one-to-one sessions at the workshops; these take the form of conversations based on each student’s own production.

The BFA also offers a range of different courses on practical craftsmanship and theoretical aspects of art. They include a compulsory course on art theory and art history.

Additional courses are arranged in co-operation with the Schools of Visual Art’s laboratories; here students will be introduced to specific disciplines and media such as painting, sculpture, ceramics, video, media art, sound art and photography.

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Academic regulations BFA (in English)

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Nermin Duraković

Associate Professor

Nermin Duraković is a visual artist and works with media such as sculpture, installation, photography and drawing. His artistic interest is in contemporary political art and aesthetics. Duraković has several exhibitions behind him, both at home and abroad, and over the past two decades he has been engaged in building a range of cultural and social activities and projects. Nermin Duraković graduated from the Funen Art Academy 2000-2005.



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Portræt af Hannah Heilmann

Hannah Heilmann

Associate Professor

Hannah Heilmann works in a field where classic and performance-based disciplines intersect, and where the concept of art and the artist’s role are constantly renegotiated. The works often take the form of mise-en-scènes where the usual hierarchy of props, costumes, social interaction and finished work is destabilized and disappears. Heilmann’s practice seeks to discuss Subjectivity, and this discussion serves a dual purpose: as method and as content.

Heilmann is part of the Copenhagen-based production unit TOVES, runs the radio work General Booty of Work, and was part of the group Ingen Frygt (No Fear) (2001–10), which channelled themes such as Western subconscious yearnings, death and capitalism into installation pieces, self-portraits, parties and music videos.

Heilmann’s previous teaching credits include the Basic Studies, The Funen Art Academy and Ærø Kunsthøjskole.
Heilmann has presented a wide range of performances, solo and group shows at international museums and exhibition venues. She holds an MA in art history from the University of Copenhagen.



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Portraet af Jeuno JE Kim

Jeuno JE Kim

Associate Professor and study leader

With a background in theology, music, and radio, Jeuno JE Kim is a visual artist working with animation, performance, games, sound, video, and text. Her work is influenced by geopolitical developments that affect diasporic identities, and the urgency of the political, sociological, and cultural issues that permeate these realities such as nationalism, translation and historical narration.
Since 2009 she has been working together with Swedish artist Ewa Einhorn on topics related to the construction of Norden, and more specifically the relations between political rhetoric, assumptions of national territory, and nations as brands. Their joint feminist animation project, Krabstadt is a series of short films that satirize current topics such as immigration, integration, unemployment, and sex.
Born in South Korea Kim is based in Copenhagen and Gothenburg. She has received her Bachelor of Arts from Oberlin College; completed her Master in Theology from Harvard University; and Master of Fine Arts at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She is currently a Senior Lecturer in the fine-art program at HDK-Valand, on a leave of absence for the current academic year (2021/22).



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Marianne Hurum

Associate Professor



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