Rundgang (Open house)

Rundgang is our annual open house exhibition: Every year in June, the Schools of Visual Arts open their doors to the general public 

Visitors are free to explore buildings that are normally inaccessible to the public, and along the way they will find a plethora of art created by students: in workshops and studios, in kitchens and auditoriums, in the poetic sculptor’s garden – quite simply in all the places where the students and their professors work every day.

The Rundgang open house event is rather like a status update: it gauges the current state of affairs. Once a year, the general public can get a glimpse behind the scenes and explore the trends emerging within contemporary art. They also get to see many works while they are still in progress. In this way the Academy and its students offer visitors a unique chance to gain insight into how budding artists work and learn – and, of course, to see art created by student artists who are still exploring and being formed by their training.

Rundgang 2015