Councils and Boards

The study council

The Study Council (Skolerådet) is the senior advisory body for the Schools of Visual Arts. The Study Council comprises rector, all professors, elected representatives for the laboratories and other staff, student representatives and an external representative.

The student council

The Student Council (De Studerendes Råd (DSR)) represents the students. The Student Council comprises a representative and a deputy from each of the Schools of Visual Arts and from the first and second years of Basic Studies.

The Student Council is in session approximately once a month. Meeting schedules vary, but the council always meets on Mondays preceding a Thursday where the Study Council is in session. The meetings take place in the Basic Studies meeting room/kitchen, 4th floor, Hirschsprung.

At the meetings the council members discuss and share information about a range of topics, including the structure of the study programmes, HR issues, policy matters and practicalities. The Student Council also handles student complaints and initiatives. Student Council meetings are open to all interested parties; however, the council asks all prospective observers to notify them in advance.

The Student Council has access to a secretary who takes care of various practical and administrative tasks. The secretary also manages the Exhibition Space Q; the students’ own exhibition venue where students can apply to exhibit their work.

To contact The Student Council, send an email to the secretary on


The Staff-Student Study Committee makes decisions regarding the form and content of the study programmes and handles applications for leave and credit transfers. The Staff-Student Study Committee also handles admissions of exchange students.
Applications for the Staff-Student Study Committee should be submitted to study secretary (Please see contact information here)