Mara Lee: On Writing, Affects and Embodiment

Wednesday lecture by Mara Lee atKunsthal Charlottenborg - June the 1st from 5PM

One of the crucial arguments in Mara Lee's Ph.D thesis När Andra skriver: Skrivande som motstånd, ansvar och tid (Glänta, 2014) articulates that time and temporality might add to our understanding of the idea of the stranger, and that non-chrononormative temporalities can function as strategies of resistance for bodies that are defined as deviant or strange.

By describing the stranger temporally – and not only in terms of space – new and unexpected intersections emerge, which compels us to redefine our habitual and commonsensical language use, and in extension: our artistic and literary practice.

Mara Lee's presentation will focus on one of the temporal figurations that she present in her thesis, namely “The Arrested Time”. Lee will also perform a short poetry reading that highlights the intersection of queer temporality, gender and race.”

The lecture is in English and admission is free.
The lecture is organized by The Institute for Research and Interdisciplinary Studies, The Royal Academy of Fine Arts.