Kunsthal Charlottenborg

Kunsthal Charlottenborg is one of Europe’s most beautiful exhibition venues for contemporary art. It presents an ambitious array of exhibitions as well as a wealth of related events such as artist talks, performances, concerts and film/video screenings

The scope and diversity of these activities appeal to a broad audience; this fact, coupled with Kunsthal Charlottenborg’s central location in the heart of Copenhagen, attracts many tourists as well as locals to the venue. See the current exhibition schedule here

The history of Charlottenborg

The present-day Kunsthal Charlottenborg is located right where the Copenhagen Botanical Garden used to be. When the Botanical Garden was moved to its present-day location in 1874, the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts was able to fulfil a long-held wish of expanding their premises. In 1883 the vacant space was used to build an extension designed by Ferdinand Meldahl and Albert Jensen.

The new wing was primarily intended for exhibition purposes. It would house the Academy’s member exhibitions, the so-called Salons, the Spring Exhibition (Forårsudstillingen, first established in 1857) and a permanent display of the large collection of plaster casts. It was also home to the Academy’s library and a lecture room.
Around the year 1900 the National Gallery of Denmark (SMK) took over approximately half of the Academy’s vast collection of plaster casts. This freed up plenty of space and allowed the Academy to expand its library – which is now The Danish National Art Library.
In 2007 the exhibition venue changed its official purpose and mission. The change was reflected in a change of name: it became officially known as Kunsthal Charlottenborg.
In 2012 Kunsthal Charlottenborg returned to its roots as it once again merged with The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.