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Forms of Entanglement

Exhibition curated by PhD student from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts opening December 6. at Kunsthal Charlottenborg

Modernity and our capitalist driven culture is based on a logic of domination over people, nature and other earthly beings. Our extractivism and all-encompassing consumption of the Earth has transformed the planet and its diversity of life sustaining systems with irredeemable consequences.

How can we understand the implications of earthly processes and our entanglement with them? The suicide route of Western Modernity urges us to decolonize and unlearn ingrained ideas about the world. What can we learn from other forms of knowledge in order to develop new and non-destructive relationships with the planet and its inhabitants?

Forms of Entanglement offers a set of reflections for knowing the world otherwise by engaging in issues of indigenous resistance and survival, non-Eurocentric epistemologies and multispecies interdependency.

The exhibition is curated by PhD student Katarina Stenbeck.

Exhibition period: 7 dec – 17 jan 2018. Opening: 6 dec 2017 18:00

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