Symposium organized by The International Center for Knowledge in the Arts

Coherence, Diversity and Networks in Artistic Research

The International Center for Knowledge in the Arts welcomes you to a meeting across networks of knowledge, institutions, disciplines and people. Over two days, a number of key lectures on the topic of networks in and through artistic research will set off in-depth working sessions where artist-researchers from the Center’s institutions engage in an intensive exchange of transdisciplinary knowledge in the arts. The lectures and their q&a’s will be possible to attend as Zoom webinars for a general audience, while the working sessions are for registered participants from the seven member institutions. Look out for the public webinar link on

Lectures & presentations by Kristoffer Gansing, Lars Bang-Larsen, Kathryn Weir, Geraldine Juarez, Nishant Shah, Mat Dryhurst, Holly Herndon & Lídia Pereira


Online program October 28. and 29. 2020 from 10am-4pm

The online program is open to everyone - a zoom link will soon be available at
Working Sessions requires registration and are only for the Centers member institutions

The International Center for Knowledge in the Arts, founded by the Danish institutions of higher arts education and anchored at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Copenhagen, October 2019.
Partners are The Royal Danish Academy of Music, Rhythmic Music Conservatory, The Royal Academy of Music, Danish National Academy of Music, National Film School of Denmark, The Danish National School of Performing Arts, The Royal Danish Academy of Arts.

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