The Academy of Fine Arts invites to the annual bachelor exhibition, where 29 students completing their bachelor's program jointly present their bachelor projects to the public.

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts' BFA exhibition 2022
Brønshøj Gamle Skole
Brønshøjvej 3, 2700 Copenahgen
Exhibition period 20.-27. May 2022
Opening hours:
20. May: 15-20
21-22. May: 13-17
23-25. May: 16-19
26. May: 13-17
27. May: 16-19

The students about the exhibition:

The egg is a shell, something grows within, before it breaks out. The hard exterior encapsulates everything that already exists. Behind the shell, the works are created. All that is needed already exists. Inside the wall, the works are created.

The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts' Bachelor exhibition will be held this year at Brønshøj Gamle Skole under the title EGG-CITED, THE BFA SHOW

29 art students occupy the shell of the now closed elementary school with performances, sculptures and paintings containing tales of mythological creatures, 3 smoking angels, songs about conflicts and much more.

The works are in dialogue with the elementary school as an institution. The building's sounds, smells and colors activate the various memories we have from the  school, which together with the installed works create new spaces. We invite you to meet us in this space between two schools - The Art Academy and The Elementary School.

The exhibition is supported by Birgit Vibeke Tofts Mindefond