Charlottenborg Art Talk: Turning Tables

Charlottenborg Art Talks
Turning Tables: Empowering Marginalized Youth Through Music & Film

As part of the seminar An Age of Our Own Making, the NGO Turning Tables will present their work with marginalized youth around the world at this year's first Charlottenborg Art Talk.

Turning Tables empower marginalized youth globally by providing them with the means to express their grievances, hopes and dreams in music and film; The organisation build a creative environment for learning new skills and sharing experiences, and an opportunity to pursue a better tomorrow.

Turning Tables builds music/film production facilities and organize festivals to provide excluded youth with the means to voice their travesties and visions of a better tomorrow in a non-violent manner. They create both individual empowerment and raise collective awareness, instigating change on community, national and international levels.

About Charlottenborg Art Talks
Wednesdays Charlottenborg Art Talks presents talks, performances, film screenings, readings and debates about art by Danish and international artists, writers, curators and professors. The programme is arranged in collaboration with The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts' Schools of Visual Arts.