Charlottenborg Art Talk: Denisa Kollarová

Charlottenborg Art Talk
Denisa Kollarová: "From 700 to 17 Playgrounds by Aldo van Eyck"

Kunsthal Charlottenborg
11.30.2016 17:00-19:00
Adnmission: Free
The talk is in English

We—Denisa Kollarová and Anna van Lingen—live in an era in which there are not many carefully constructed playgrounds. We don’t like what we see. Have we—city decision makers, architects, designers, parents, friends —forgotten to be critical? 
‘Seventeen Playgrounds’ opens up a discussion about importance of designing a quality playgrounds when taking inspiration from Aldo van Eyck. 

Dutch architect Aldo van Eyck has left mark on generations of children growing up in Amsterdam. An important aspect of his designs is his strive to stimulate the imagination and ingenuity of the child, which is visible in the minimalistic shapes of the play equipment. In order to give the Amsterdam children their own recognisable domain, Van Eyck developed a web of over seven hundred playgrounds scattered across the city. Of these hundreds of playgrounds you nowadays only find a few remaining play elements that have to share their space with new play equipment, many have completely disappeared and only few playgrounds are still intact.

While starting the project with a publication to raise awareness, Denisa and Anna continues to develop autonomous work in a form of installations, videos, photography collection, series of prints and manifesto reflecting on playground design.
Project continues in 2016 thanks to support of creative industries fund NL.

​Denisa Kollarová lives and works in Amsterdam, where she and Anna van Lingen began their collaboration on ‘Seventeen Playgrounds’ after graduating from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in 2013.