Charlottenborg Art Talk & Cinema: Joachim Hamou

Charlottenborg Art Talk & Cinema
Joachim Hamou
United Israel Palestine UIP27
Kunsthal Charlottenborg April 26 at 5-8 PM
Entrance free

This evening you can experience artist Copenhagen based artist Joachim Hamou’s latest works: the film United Israel Palestine UIP27 and the anthology Calling Out of Context. The artist will be there to present his works and afterwards there will be book launch and film screening.

United Israel Palestine UIP27
The territorial conflict between Israelis and Palestinians is radically re-examined in Joachim Hamou’s performative project, which is the result of a public seminar attended by lawyers, observers, anthropologists and historians. A discussion that had a direct impact on the direction the film took during the shoot.

The year is 2027, and the endless conflict has finally found its natural equilibrium: the two states have merged into United Israel Palestine. Through this imaginary future scenario, UIP27 takes a futuristic look at the current conflict, while the film’s fictional dimension is more a theoretical or hypothetic space in the form of a courtroom, where the different viewpoints meet and interact.

The issue being fought about is a small piece of land that a Palestinian family has been granted the right to after it was annexed by a Jewish family in 1970, which in the meantime has invested in and developed the land by building a well, and therefore needs to be compensated. Not even the hermetic, Brechtian setting is immune to the individual players’ personal passions and conflicts.

Before the screening Joachim Hamou will present the project and launch his new publication Calling Out of Context containing texts about cross cultural collaborations moving between the field of theater and visual arts.