Joen Vedel

Charlottenborg Art Talk
Joen Vedel: When are we now? 

16. november kl. 17
Kunsthal Charlottenborg

The starting point for the presentation is the feeling that we are living through a historical transformation on a global scale, which no one knows the outcome of; that something is disappearing while something else is starting to take shape. While today’s historical events infiltrate daily life in an unprecedented way through television and the Internet’s propagation of “the news as they unfold”, the results seem only to further pacification and even greater confusion. Ever since it’s invention, film has been destined to make history visible, but how to make an image of a historical process still unfolding messily in the present, an image not for posterity or reflection but to help navigate the present?

Over the last couple of years, Joen Vedel has travelled to places where uprisings have taken place, from Greece to Kurdistan and from São Paulo to Paris, capturing life under a permanent state of emergency. In this presentation he will show video-clips from his archive and talk about his latest film When Are We Now? which moves through these different sites of revolt; from the recent past to the near-future, passing by fragments of conversations, traces of people and the spectacle of representation.
The talk is in English.

Joen Vedel (b. 1983) graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2011 and the Whitney Independent Study Program in 2014. He has presented his work in solo exhibitions in Solo-Shows, Bureau Publik, Overgaden, Lumiar Cité and participated in group exhibitions in Kunsthal Århus, Charlottenborg Kunsthal, Nikolaj Kunsthal, Frankfurter Kunstverein and Haus der Kulturen der Welt. In 2013 Nebula published his book Sammenbrudstykker, a diary about the crises in Greece.