Admission to MFA

BFA graduates from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ Schools of Visual Arts and graduates holding a BFA degree or similar degree from other academies or art schools can apply for admission to the MFA study programme.

Students cannot transfer to The Schools of Visual Arts from other institutions. This means that you must undergo the standard procedure for application for the MFA programme. If your application is successful, you are legally obliged to apply for a credit transfer for credits earned for any other relevant higher education exams you have taken. 

The MFA study programme takes place at one or more of the seven Schools of Visual Arts, each of which is headed by a professor. At the moment four of those professors conduct their teaching in English.

Please note that the study administration is closed in week 7, and therefore we will not be able to answer questions about admission until after this period. We respond to inquiries again in week 8.

Information about admission to the MFA study programme

The admission procedure for the academic year 2017/2018 will take place in the spring of 2017. The fee to apply for admission is 100 Euro in 2017. The MFA programme accepts a maximum of five external applicants each year. The admission procedure is conducted in English.

You begin the application process by signing up electronically in our application system. You must do this during the period 25 January to 15 February 2017. When you sign up, you will be given an application number.

You must then pay the application fee. State your application number when you make your payment. The Schools of Visual Arts must have received your payment no later than 16 February 2017.

The actually application is carried out by submitting examples of your work for assessment. You must submit these examples electronically, i.e. as files (pictures, sound, video, etc.). As soon as The Schools of Visual Arts have received payment of your application fee, you will receive a link to the system that allows you to upload and submit your works electronically. You must submit your works no later than 24 February 2017.

This means that when the application period for the MFA programme begins, prospective applicants must:

  • Register as applicant in our admissions system and fill in an application form - including an artist statement in English (one page or less)
  • Pay the application fee which is DKK 750. This is done as a bank transfer (it is not possible to receive a refund of the fee)
  • Submit a number of works for assessment. Only digital submissions (pictures/files) are accepted.

If you find it important for your work, it may be relevant to label it as either documentation or a work.

You are welcome to upload a short description for each work at maximum 150 words (not required).

Read more about the guidelines for electronic submission of works here.

Admission requirements and assessment

BFA graduates from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ Schools of Visual Arts who graduated no more than two years ago at the time of application are considered internal applicants: they will automatically be admitted to the MFA study programme.

External applicants can also apply for admission to the MFA study programme. They must hold a BFA degree or similar degree from another academy or art school, and their application will be assessed based on the works of art submitted. The same applies to BFA graduates from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts’ Schools of Visual Arts whose degree is more than two years old at the time of application.

Applicants must be able to read, speak and understand English or Danish in order to participate in and benefit from the MFA study programme. If the applicant’s first language is Danish, they must also have basic English skills.

The assessment is carried out by a committee that comprises the rector or the head of Institute, the professors of the Schools of Visual Arts, a MFA student representative and an external examiner.

Based on the individual evaluations, the committee selects approximately 12-15 candidates who will be invited to an interview. At the interview the applicant's motivation and ability to put his or her portfolio into perspective will be considered. The interviews take place in ultimo April 2017.

The final result of the admission will be sent by email to all applicants as soon as possible after the completion of the selection process. Please note, that you will not get an explanation of the evaluation.

If you get admitted to the MFA program, you are obliged to inform about any previous education at higher educational level, which is likely to give credit.

Applicants who have completed a master's degree, can only be admitted if there are seats available. The same applies to applicants who previously have been enrolled in higher education twice without having obtained a final exam.

The Student Counselling services at the Schools of Visual Arts have prepared a list of answers to some frequently asked questions about admission. You can find those answers here.


The Schools of Visual Arts are legally obliged (by Order no. 66 of 14 January 2016) to charge tuition fees from international students who are not citizens of the EU or EEA.

The study fee is DKK 120,000 for a full year of study, corresponding to DKK 60,000 for the autumn semester (1 October to 31 January) and DKK 60,000 for the spring semester (1 February – 30 June).

Tuition fees must be paid before the semester begins. Tuition fees for a full year can be split into two payments, one for each term. Payment is done as a bank transfer to the Schools of Visual Arts’ bank account.

The Schools of Visual Arts cannot offer subsidies or grants towards covering these tuition fees.