Laboratory for Wood

Laboratory for Wood

Peder Skramsgade 8
Door H, 1st floor


Associate Professor Henrik Reimann
+45 3374 4637

The Laboratory for Wood teaches and studies wood as an artistic medium. It explores wood as a material, investigating its potential and how different types of wood can be treated, processed and shaped for the purpose of art.

Emphasis is placed on issues of construction: how can wood be used to build and create structures? The day-to-day work and classes will be planned and arranged in co-operation with the students.

Health and safety is a key concern: the Laboratory arranges courses on how to safely handle the various machines available for the students’ use.  

Henrik Reimann

Associate Professor

The head of the Laboratory for Wood, Assistant Professor and architect Henrik Reimann (b. 1951), is a graduate from Kunsthåndværkerskolen (furniture design) and The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (furniture and space). He has received a wide range of design awards.
Reimann’s creative output encompasses models of geometric shapes, furniture and architecture – including reconstructions of Kazimir Malevich’s Architectons.



+45 3374 4637